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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Making Poutine Rapee Continued ...

Well we didn't give up!! At 2:00 am we began again! We peeled 14 MORE potatoes, cooked 4 of them and grated 10 more. I don't think Jackie has much skin left on her knuckles! LOL ((**poor thing**))
One thing we learned was that you HAVE to squeeze the excess water out of the grated moosh! LOL .. we used 3 tea towels to do it! ~* YUKKY STUFF DUDES AND DUDETTES! *~
Keep in mind that his is about 2:30 AM .. and the second time around making these!

We recycled the Fatty Salt Pork cause we only HAD 6 pieces of it! HAHAHA ... that was so GROSSS!!
We got them all rolled up, the meat poked inside and rolled in flour. They were lookin pretty good on the plate! :o)
Ok .. into the POT they go boys and girls! LOL ... this time we won't boil the water so hard!
And the FINISHED PRODUCT!! The Delectable Poutine Rapee! Jackie's teacher LOVED them and raved about them, saying it was the BEST he'd ever had!!

Making Poutine Rapee with Jackie!

Well friends! My 15 yo daughter, Jackie, was given a visual project assignment by her French teacher. She chose to make Poutine Rapee, a Traditional French Acadian Recipe. We found the recipe on the internet and set to work. This recipe is found here for anyone interested:

It was quite labour intensive! LOL Poor Jackie grated up the 10 Potatoes by hand with a cheese grator! Her poor fingers are missing bits and pieces here and there! The first attempt was a miserable failure as the poutines all fell apart in the boiling water at the end! We were left with a pile of mooshy gooshy potatoes that had to be FLUSHED! ((**Uggghhh **)) LOL That toilet had to be PLUNGED to get it go DOWN!! EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW

This is what it looked like! YOIKES