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Monday, May 28, 2007

Jackie's Social Studies Project

DD#3 (Jackie - 14 yo) had a project to do for Social Studies on Lake Utopia! She is in French Immersion and way ahead of her class! She's so smart!! Anyway, she came up with this amazing brainstorm to do her project as a wall hanging and today we worked it in non-stop for 5 1/2 hours and it's finally done. We are both so proud of it that I wanted to share it with all of you! Whaddya's think??!!??!!!

This project has a backing of Muslin cotton, topped with broadcloth. The grass at the bottom is hairy yellow craft stuff which we colored green with permanent markers!! LOL .. who'da thunk!! CLICK ON THE PICTURE to get a close up of all the detail! Everything is cut from fabric and hand drawn, then glued on with fabric glue (well some stuff is sewn on) Of course all y'all (that's for you Nate) can tell that they clouds are cotton batting!

The trees in the back ground and the details on the canoe are all drawn and colored on the muslin fabric by hand with markers and pencil crayons, then cut out. WICKED AWESOME OR WHAT PEEPS!!

Mama's Proud Moment! ((**giggles**)) Please sign my comment section on this bad rabbit! Jackie wants your feedback! LOL


I think I'll tell you all a little story now! In March 1999 I met a man on the internet through and fell in like, then love! LOL

He is a cowboy from Wyoming. He says he's not a cowboy because he lived in the city and not on a ranch but I come from the Maritimes in Canada so I don't see how you can be MORE cowboy than what he is! Giggles ... here he is, ain't he cute!!